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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Revealing Secret Interviews - Part 3


Glad to be back to sharing this first interview series that I've kept hidden from most people's eyes.

Since I've taken a break from telling you what else Mr. B. has been so kind to share with the rest of us... a reminder of what he has said may be in order.

Mr. B. has already voiced his viewpoints about the value of a soul, discussed success, and gave us a method to compare our comfort expenditures with luxury spending.

Now to continue the interview:


I've known people who have made and lost fortunes. What are some of the common mistakes and traits you've seen those people experience? And, what should people look for so they don't lose their fortunes as well?

Mr. B.

People ought to be as sensible on the subject of money-getting as on any other subject. Like causes produces like effects. You cannot accumulate a fortune by taking the road that leads to poverty.

Thousands of men are kept poor, and tens of thousands are made so after they have acquired quite sufficient to support them well into life, in consequence of laying their plans of living on too broad a platform.

A spirit of pride and vanity, when permitted to have full sway, is the undying canker-worm which gnaws the very vitals of a man's worldly possessions, let them be small or great, hundreds, or millions. Many persons, as they begin to prosper, immediately expand their ideas and commence expending for luxuries, until in a short time their expenses swallow up their income, and they become ruined in their ridiculous attempts to keep up appearances, and make a "sensation."


I see what you mean. I've personally seen people follow that same path to poverty. Thank you. We'll pick up where we left off later this week.

For those of you who may recognize the man I am interviewing, please do not reveal his name to the rest of the developers. I will share his name before I finish sharing his words with all of you.

I appreciate you and encourage you to suggest questions that you would like to be answered. I will try my best to find out what Mr. B. has to say about your inquiries.

Until next time...

Girard Frank Bolton, III.
The Developers Advocate

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