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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Business Development - Brainstorming


Sorry about the break in telling you about my secret interview with Mr. B... I've been distracted.

I have met some very talented models who want me to help them start a new niche business.

There is not much I am able to share, but as soon as the time is right... I'll tell you all I am allowed to discuss with you.

I can tell you that we're in the middle of our initial brainstorming sessions and have already started collecting information we need to create our business plan.

However there is another business venture I can tell you about.

For the past several years, I have been drinking coffee with a gentleman who wants me to help him get more work.

He is a sign painter. He is also an artist. But that is not the work he wants me to help grow.

He is a Ray Charles Impersonator. He has shown me his collection of programs, letters, newspaper articles, photos and a VCR recording of him singing "America the Beautiful" as Ray Charles at the opening of a Mobile Mardi Gras Ball.

He performs locally here in the Mobile area and along the Gulf Coast on a regular basis. His clients have also flown him to places like Columbia, SC and Homewood, IL to sing as Ray Charles.

Anyway, we're in the process of taking his scrap book collection and converting it into his promotional material. Along with some more stuff and a little creative writing after interviewing him again.

I can't wait to tell you where his web site is. However, in the meantime... when you want a Ray Charles Impersonator at any of your personal, business, or social events... I can introduce you to him.

Don't worry, I'll be publishing more of Mr. B's Revealing Secret Interview soon.

But before I go... about that survey and contest I mentioned in my last post. I've had several people bring up an important point. So to clear the air... I'm only interested in percentages of the two columns... not the actual dollar amounts. That's too personal... and not needed to prove Mr. B's point.

Give me some ideas of what I should give as a prize for the person who has improved the most in their "need v.s. want" spending habits?

Consultant Girard Frank Bolton, III.
Advocating Personal, Business and Social Development


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  2. Thanks "go-jaz". I did.

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  3. Developments Update:

    The lead model decided to make a go of the business with out my assistance.

    Last time I checked... her project never got past the announcment that she had some calendars for sell.

    Hope she succeeds, but I've got a feeling she won't.

    She has alienated most everyone in our group by doing it all by herself.


    The original idea can work with the proper plan and implementation actions.

    I'm sad that she has decided to leave our group, but am confident that our niche model business will achieve success with another business manager.

    - Girard Frank Bolton, III.
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