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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spotlight on the San Diego Highwayman


You ever hear the Jeff Foxworthy's story about not being scared when a bunch of rednecks jump out of an old pickup truck and come to your rescue when you find yourself having car problems in a rural area?

Why? (Wait for the punchline)... because that is what they do for fun.

Then there is the song The Chain Of Love by Clay Walker where a stranger helps a woman stranded out in the middle of nowhere and will not take her money. All he tells her is to help someone else who may need her help.

Of course I am reminded of The New Testament story of the Good Samaritan whenever I hear stories like this.

There is a special energized feeling of warmth that flows through my body when I help someone else.

In fact, even when I pass my newspaper to someone else who may benefit from reading it after I've finished it gives me the same feeling. I have no clue as to how many people have benefited from my modest gift.

For the past couple of years, I've inserted different things I've written into the newspapers before I leave them for others to read. Several people have thanked me for my shared information.

But... this post is not about me... it is about sharing your time without expecting anything in return.

There is a man in San Diego who has been doing that almost everyday for about forty-two years.

He was dubbed "The Highwayman" by Charles Kuralt on CBS.

Recently, The Highwayman, whose name is Thomas Weller, has been forced to cut his daily drives to once every three days because of higher gas prices.

You can view the story and video of his efforts to improve the part of the world in which he lives by visiting the story Los Angeles Times published about his heroic accomplishments.

I encourage someone... anyone to contribute gas money for him to return to his daily route to help those of us in need of assistance.

Until next time...

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